The Story Behind Fit Union

I was sitting for such a long time thinking about what to write in our first blog post. Now that everything is done, all the hard work, the long nights, the super early mornings, all of it. We are finally here. We have been working so hard to get this going and to finally be online, to be able to share with you all that we do and our experiences. So I figured what better way to start than to tell you our story, and the story behind fit union. So here it goes.                                                                                                                  

We are nutritionists, two female nutritionists who have also been friends for many years. We met many years ago in high school when we were teens, and let me be very frank here with you, we were both FAT, really out of shape, and extremely uncomfortable in our own skin, basically not at all how we wanted to look or how we actually viewed ourselves. With all of that you can only imagine how hard it can be going through your teen years feeling and looking this way. This wasn’t an issue that my friend and I ever talked about or discussed, it was like a raw open wound that doesn’t seem to ever heal, you know it is there, it is painful and it is bothering you but you just don’t want to touch it because touching it only hurts more, and for some reason you just do not know how to deal with it or cure it. However deep down inside we both knew that we just weren’t comfortable at all, it showed on the way we dressed, behaved, looked, and walked. We were both certain about one thing, it is not okay to live your life feeling this uncomfortable “things just had to change” PERIOD. I remember one day, and it was summer vacation I woke up really late in the afternoon after a whole night spent in front of the TV eating a ton of junk food till the early hours of the morning. I stood in front of my mirror looking at myself, and I just kept starring at myself for so long and my reflection was like a hard slap across the face! A voice kept repeating itself inside my head telling me “NO WAY in hell will you live your life like this anymore, and you sure as hell will not look like this anymore”. This was the first time that I was honest to myself about how I felt about myself and about the way I looked, I stood there for so long telling myself that this is my body, my life and I am in control ME. At that moment my whole mind set changed, as if all this time I was just waiting for this conversation between me and myself. It was a weird feeling that I felt, not something I can exactly explain to you but it was like an ‘AHA’ moment, a mind opening, enlightening moment. I remember it as if it was yesterday but it actually happened a little over 10 years ago. It was one of the best if not the best moment of my life. 10 years ago I took control of my body, myself, the way I look, basically control of my life. During those 10 years I have experimented and tried almost everything, all diets and regimes, you name it I have tried it all. At times I even came up with ways of my own when dieting and working out. I tried so many workout routines, exercises and activities, and got so many gym member ships, everything that I could get my hands on, I tried. I had set a goal for myself and all I wanted was to achieve that goal.                                                                            

To my surprise I found out that my friend was doing the same thing her own way, with no knowledge of what I was doing or what she was doing.  Both of us had just had enough with all of this and needed to make a change. We had enough with the distorted self-image, the low self-esteem, all the negative comments and Oh My God the extreme feeling of discomfort, all of it was too much, and things had to change.                                                                                                                                                                              

This new found interest that we shared brought us closer, we shared ideas, thoughts, ways, expertise, we researched and read so many books after books about health, fitness, working out, eating healthy, all different kinds of diets, exercise routines and ways of living fit and healthy. We obtained so much knowledge together that we eventually decided to study nutrition and then became certified nutritionists. This became our new passion, we fell in love with it and how it changed our lives to the better. Everything we have tried and learnt paid off, and is now a big part of what and who we are today. However I will be honest with you it was not always easy or right, many times one or the other felt like quitting or just going back to being all careless and not taking into consideration health or anything that matters. We made so many mistakes, sometimes learning things the hard way, sometimes having to start all over again. Things got difficult at times. And thinking about all of that made us want to share with you all that we know and to make things easier for you and to help you on your journey to becoming better, healthier, and fitter. We then created Fit Union, an online union where we help and guide you in reaching your goals, we customize and tailor nutritional plans fit for each and every one of you, also sharing with you expertise, knowledge, and information that will benefit you in reaching your goals. You don’t have to do the same mistakes that we did, you don’t have to go through it the hard way, learn from us, we are here to guide and support you. Nothing will make us happier than to see those who put their trust in us achieve their goals, and become better, happier and healthier.  


Fit Union Family