Are Carbs really bad for you?!

We have all heard at least once in our life of a diet that tells us to just stop eating carbs, and that carbs are the number 1 culprit in making a person fat. Well I must say whoever came up with that diet, sure knows nothing about carbs.

First of all we should all know that there are 2 types of carbohydrates "Complex Carbs" and "Simple Carbs", and you can eat both and still lose weight and have a healthy fit body.

1.       Examples of Complex carbs are (brown rice, sweet potato, beans and legumes, whole grains like buckwheat, quinoa, wheat and many vegetables and some fruits). Complex carbohydrates supply your body with fuel and energy and also keep you feeling full for a long period of time. Complex carbs also make digestion smoother because of their high fiber content, and they take longer to digest, hence the feeling full sensation. Also eating vegetables lowers LDL cholesterol and blood pressure preventing heart attacks. Complex carbs also help protein in reaching cells of the body quickly and efficiently, aiding in building and maintaining lean muscle mass.


2.       Examples of Simple carbs –also called simple sugars- are (white and brown sugar, fruit juice, honey, cake, candy, some fruits, milk and many processed foods). Simple carbs raise blood sugar levels quickly, they are the kinds of foods you start craving when your body is in need of a quick dose of energy. They supply the body with nothing but energy. They cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels, leaving you hungry and craving more sugary foods right after eating some. Unlike complex carbs, if consumed in large quantities cause bloating and hinder digestion. 


Now that you know the two types of carbohydrates you can see that carbs are actually very important in your diet. Carbs are found in vegetables, fruits and many other foods that you should consume to supply your body with well balanced nutrition. Your consumption of simple carbs should be minimized and substituted with complex carbs. It is the choices you make that dictate whether the carbs you are having are good or bad. With that being said, you can have simple carbs in small amounts every now and then. If you ensure that 70-80% of your intake is from nutritious complex carb, having some simple carbs when you are craving and feel like indulging won't harm you at all. (Sometimes you need to feed your soul). Plus this balance you establish between eating healthy and indulging every now and then is the most important thing to lead a healthy non-depriving lifestyle.

So to call all carbs bad and cut them out of your diet is an absurd thing to do. There are only good and bad choices, all you have to do is make the right ones.



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